Madeleine McCann Family: More Grief

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Madeleine McCann Family: More Grief

No one likes a thief. In particular, no one likes a thief who steals from someone already in the midst of an internationally recognised Bad Time. While there is probably no need to update readers on the Madeleine McCann situation because there is sadly no news about the missing girl to report, the development of the campaign to find her continues to create news. Whatever misgivings and mumblings about the media attention this case has drawn, the human element cannot be overlooked and when we heard about Gerry McCann's 24 hour trip to London, we were quite dismayed.

Gerry McCann, father of missing four-year-old Madeleine McCann flew from Faro, Portugal to Gatwick, London in order to recruit a co-ordinator for the campaign to find Madeleine. On his second trip to the UK since his daughter went missing in the Algarve 49 days ago, he was called upon to help a fellow passenger during his flight; the man was unwell and McCann, a heart consultant, went to his aid and sent him to hospital in an ambulance once they landed. Not long after that act of skilled and qualified kindness, he had his wallet stolen.

Along with money and things that would have been very useful to McCann on an intense and busy short trip to London, two "irreplaceable" photos of Madeleine went with the pickpocket. There isn't anybody who reads newspapers, watches TV, or goes on the internet in the UK who doesn't recognise Madeleine McCann so the quickfingered wallet-snatchers must be aware of who they stole from. An appeal has been made for the pickpockets to return the wallet or, at the very least, the photos to the police. Some people may have seen enough photos of Madeleine McCann. As the search for news about her continues, the McCann family certain haven't grown weary of her picture yet.

A Times Online article about the potential for compassion-fatigue regarding the Madeleine McCann case can be found here.

Last Updated 21 June 2007