London/New York Rivalry Stops (Well, Temporarily)

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London/New York Rivalry Stops (Well, Temporarily)

New York and London have always had a bit of rivalry going on, about who's best. In recent times, London seems to have got the edge - New York's Mayor, for example, expressed worries that London was moving ahead as the world's financial centre. And frankly, we know that our chocolate's a hell of a lot better.

But now Mayor Bloomberg has gone further. Announcing his new plans to combat climate change, he commended London's congestion charge as "the best in the world" and promised a New York version at some point in the future. He's likely to make it much cheaper than ours - at about £4.

It sounds like the the former arch rivals are beginning to learn from each other rather than just competing.

So expect our own Mayor Ken to start acting a bit 'sassy', pledging a massive increase in gun crime, and proposing a new London-based series of Friends. The million-dollar question has to be - Will the British Consulate-General in New York refuse to pay the new charge just as the US Embassy has in London?

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This on going competition is really only a London thing, I've just got back from N.Y and it's not perfect but it makes London look decades behind, especially with food and service, you can actually buy things whenever you want in N.Y which honestly still seems years away for London. Even smaller cities like Sydney in oz leave London to shame, London needs to stop lying to itself and change it's bad habits.


or it's [sic] bad grammar?

this debate rages in NY too, such as the massive spread in the New Yorker last month.


They've fallen into our trap with the congestion charge. It will hurt their businesses as much as its damaged ours :-)


the 'debate' was in new york magazine, not in the new yorker. i know it sounds similar but the two are worlds apart....

at any rate, the rivalry is bullshit. london has fewer pretentious asshats than new york (hard to believe, i know).