If You Can't Stand The Heat

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If You Can't Stand The Heat

...get the hell out of Gordon Ramsay’s effing-and-blinding kitchen.

Former restaurant manager Martin Hyde of Dillons, an Indian eatery in Manhattan, is suing the British chef in an attempt to stop footage of Ramsay’s “Kitchen Nightmares” being shown on television in the US. The show’s premise is for Ramsay to enter a failing restaurant and turn it around in one week.

Accusations have been put forth that "Kitchen Nightmares" hired actors to patronize the restaurant to make it appear more popular since Ramsay's intervention, that the chef lied about finding rotting meat and that the confrontation between the manager and Ramsay was done 'unfairly'.

Hyde goes on to say that Ramsay’s ‘exaggerations’ would be damaging to the restaurant’s reputation. What reputation is that, we wonder? If your business is doing so badly as to warrant acceptance of an invitation for a business makeover from a British chef who is known for language becoming of a sailor and a management style akin to Stalin, can one really expect to come out of this experience unscathed? Did they expect puppy dogs and roses to fall out of his mouth and for him to clasp their hands meaningfully while going over a list of things they ‘might try to do differently, possibly, if you are so inclined’? Mr Hyde obviously hasn’t seen “The F Word.”

A representative for Ramsay claimed he had not yet reviewed the lawsuit. Translation = no one has had the balls to show it to him yet. He’s got knives, you know. Sharp ones.

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Last Updated 20 June 2007