Hospital Food Deemed Not Delicious

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Hospital Food Deemed Not Delicious

It's a widely accepted fact that hospital food and airline food are about as bad as it gets. And if you've spent any time as a guest of the NHS lately, you'll likely be of the opinion that hospital food isn't getting any better.

James "Smurf" Smith, a 21 year old currently recuperating at Hillingdon Hospital from a shattered pelvis and broken spine, is in agreement with you. He's been so disgusted with the food he's been served during his stay that he's posted a quite disturbing video to YouTube, featuring his microwave heated (and gravity defying) macaroni cheese. He's also gone on a hunger strike to protest the lack of freshly prepared food.

We have to wonder how much time he spent playing with his food before realizing it could do aerial tricks and still stay on the plate. Judging from his video, playing with it was probably a better option that eating it.

The NHS would do well to follow their own advice:

In the busy world we live in it’s easy to eat too much of the wrong foods because they are convenient and seemingly cheaper. A healthy balanced diet can be enjoyable, cheap and easy – you just have to try it and you’ll see and feel the difference.

Picture taken from MontageMan's Flickr photo stream, and not representative of the macaroni cheese served by the NHS.

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I quite like airplane food - does this make me weird?


Well if you will go for the vegetarian option...

Actually that's truly horrible. Last time I was in hospital (the Royal London) the food wasn't so bad, but they did serve the same menu at lunch and dinner.


There is a complete lack of 'joined up thinking' in the NHS. As you point out, they're all for a good, balanced diet, yet the food they serve is terrible.

When my wife spent a couple of days in hospital after giving birth to our daughte, we were a little surprised to find out that my wife's dinner consisted of a small portion of thin soup that looked like it came out of a packet, along with a ready-packed sandwich, all bread and margarine, with a slice of processed, heavily-salted ham, the likes of which you would not expect to see in the worst petrol station in the world. Oh, and all this served at 5pm with no prospect of any more food until a shitty breakfast at 9am the next morning.

Given the immense pressure the NHS puts on women to breastfeed, you'd think they'd try and feed new mothers properly to help provide the nutrients to the baby. Where's all this supposed extra NHS money been spent? Not on healthcare, that's for sure.


The Soil Association has just produced a report about a project in Cornwall where they serve up more local food, therefore providing healthier, fresher food, whilst supporting local businesses! They achieved this within the same budget per patient per day as they spent before the project, and reduced food miles by 67% into the bargain!

And it all started when a patient complained about his sandwich being made in Oxford and having a 250mile round trip!

So morale of the story... let the hospitals know what you want! Ask them to change, and check out the report on the Soil Associations website (report title: A fresh approach to hospital food) and make sure your hospital knows it can be done!

Healthy food = healthy people = healthy planet!