Feel The Grass Between Your Toes

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Feel The Grass Between Your Toes

Missed out on tickets to Glastonbury? Can't wait til the end of the summer for Reading festival? Wish all the cool festivals were on your doorstep? No need to worry as we have the answer. Get yourselves down to Stoke Newington (yes, you did read that right) on Sunday 10th June and go and party at Stokefest 2007. It's London's very own mini festival right in the middle of Hackney.

OK, so it's not exactly like Glastonbury. You won't stink after three days of not washing. You will actually be able to get close to the bands (no, Mr Eavis, standing in a field watching a big telly is not the same thing). Oh, and it's free so you won't have to eat beans on toast for the rest of the month. Yes, that's right: Free.

Sounds to good to be true? Well, in fairness it's unlikely The Who will be there. But you will get to see wonders such as punk band Tofu Love Frogs (worth a peek just on the basis of their name, surely?) and Radio 1 DJ Gilles Peterson lives over the road so he's going to pop over and hang out too. No doubt there will be the obligatory craft stalls and art fairs. Maybe even a daisy chain and yoga tent thrown in. It is a festival after all.

But seeing as it's a hop skip and a jump away at Clissold Park, you won't have to sit in ten miles of traffic, you can go and do some dancing and then you can be tucked up in your own bed at the end of the day. Without eating any of the dubious overpriced festival food.

It's a festival about music and the community. Perhaps Michael Eavis should pop along and take notes?

Stokefest 2007 is at Clissold Park Sunday 10th June. 12 midday - 8pm. Nearest station: Stoke Newington.

photo from Abulic Monkey's flickr

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