Clubwatch: FiRE

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Clubwatch: FiRE

With gay pride hitting London this weekend for its annual raunchfest of protesting, parading and partying, we thought it the right time to approach Megan Jones, promoter of Vauxhall house music mega-club FiRE, to find out what they will be getting up to.

What are your plans for Pride?

We've got loads on for Pride this year. Firstly we'll be participating in the parade on Oxford Street, and afterwards we'll be hosting the sound stage in Soho Square, which should be an amzing party. We've also made a very hard-hitting anti GHB DVD which will be played on the large screens in Trafalgar Square, hopefully with a celebrity guest doing the introduction. Afterwards, we're hosting the Official Pride Afterparty at FiRE with Juicy. We're pulling out all the stops for production and it should be a great night! We're also donating a portion of the door money to the Pride Charity.

What is it about the music you play that is so special?

The music played at FiRE is constantly evolving so it is always fresh. We also offer a diverse choice of music on different nights and in the different rooms so we cater to a wide variety of tastes. We employ some of the most talented DJ's in London and also bring in guest DJ's from around the world so we always maintain the very highest standard.

Who's the best live PA you've ever had down?

We've had loads of brilliant PA's over the years, but fabulous divas like Angie Brown or Tonnic usually get the crowd going the most as they've very interactive and MC as well. Camille Jones (The Creeps) was also an excellent PA.

Have you had any celebs on your dancefloor?

We've had quite a few celebs over the years, such as Kelly Osbourne, Rupert Everett, Michael Barrymore, Lee from Blue, Graham Norton and many others.

Why did you pick your venue to be in Vauxhall rather than Soho? Is Vauxhall taking over from Soho as the centre of gay life in London?

We've been in Vauxhall for quite a few years now and have seen it progress and become the heart of gay clubbing. FiRE is largely responsible for this and instrumental in Vauxhall becoming the centre of gay life. That said, Soho will always be Soho and will always attract a gay crowd, but more for bars, restaurants and shopping than for clubbing.

What are your plans for the future of the club?

FiRE is always evolving and we've just had several major refits, such as the Lightbox and the new Fire Lounge. We're not nearly finished yet though, and have plans in the pipeline for a new, improved garden/smoking area, as well as a cafe, among other things.

What's your favourite FiRE night?

That's a tough one as I love them all but Horizon is especially dear to me as I helped start it, as is Gravity. However I love all FiRE nights, so it's impossible to choose a firm favorite...

Tell us one DJ or artist who we've probably not heard of that we should check out.

Terry Bryan is definitely a rising star on the London scene. He's been with us for just over a year now is an extremely talented DJ who is sure to go far.

What other club nights do you like going to in London? What's your all time favourite night?

I don't have much time to go to other clubs, but I usually go to Trade when it's on, and I also like to make an effort to go to any Pushca events that are on- they're always good fun because everyone makes and effort to glam up. As for Vauxhall, I sometime make it down to Horsemeat Disco or Barcode on a Sunday after Later.

Details of all FiRE club nights over the weekend are here. See you for a boogie on the podium? Image supplied by Chris Jepson photography.

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