Cat Rescue

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Cat Rescue

It's been a busy week for London's fire fighters. They've been rescuing plastic owls, and now they're demolishing homes in order to rescue trapped cats. Oh, and they're probably putting out fires as well.

A family in Chingford called fire fighters and the RSPCA in to rescue their cat, thirteen year old Patsy, who somehow managed to get trapped in a three inch gap in the walls. Patsy's owner, Jenny Coates, called in help at 10am and after a mere six hours, Patsy was freed from the wall.

The Kango drill, pneumatic drills, hand chisels and hammers that were used to rescue Patsy unfortunately did a fair bit of damage to the Coates' house, knocking a huge hole and ripping up the laminate flooring. Here's hoping they have an insurance clause that covers "pets trapped in walls, and the damage caused by freeing those pets", and don't have to pay for the re-build of their new extension themselves.

Image taken from turtlemoon's Flickr photo stream, and is not a trapped cat, so you don't need to worry.

Last Updated 14 June 2007