Any Questions Answered – The £8 Interview

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Any Questions Answered – The £8 Interview

'If Barbie is so popular, why do you have to buy all her friends?', and 'Where has all my money gone' are two of the imponderables listed on the Any Questions Answered text service's website as favourites. In the latter case, the wonga may well have been frittered away on the addictive information service, which charges £1 to answer anything from the number of the local Chinese to 'Will I get lucky tonight?'. Armed with a pay as you go mobile and a top-up voucher we decided to see how up to speed they were on London matters.

What is Any Questions Answered ? Is it any good?

AQA is a wonderful magical combination of algorithms and researchers. AQA can answer any question and solve any quandary. AQA is the best thing ever.

What Is Londonist?

Londonist is a website about London and everything that happens in it from events to bars and restaurants. It was founded by Jake Dobkin.

Is Londonist any good?

AQA thinks that the website Londonist is excellent. It offers unusual things to do in London and the articles are full of wit and personality.

Is the new London Olympics logo rubbish?

AQA thinks that the new London Olymics logo looks quite good. However unfortunately it hasn’t passed safety standards and can cause epilepsy.

Which is better, North London or South London ?

AQA prefers North London to South London. The North retains a great degree of character and the capital’s best sports clubs.

Where is a good place to take someone for a date in London?

The Comedy Store (020 7344 0234) is a good place to go on a first date in London tonight. The Comedy Store Players are on at 8pm and tickets cost £16.

What is the strangest question you have been asked?

AQA’s strangest question was “Which cereal is better for making a pair of trousers, Shreddies or Shredded Wheat?” (Shredded Wheat). Try and beat it.

Are there any songs about London that also reference cheese ?

The Cheese Song includes lyrics “If you go down Paddington Green, There’s a tombstone to be seen. And the words are neat indeed in memory of our cheese”

AQA can be reached by texting 63336.

Last Updated 08 June 2007