What's for Lunch? Spice 'N' Rice

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What's for Lunch? Spice 'N' Rice


Londonist presents a weekly series about that most pressing of daily concerns: where to go on your lunch break.

Spice ‘N’ Rice

53 Long Lane EC1A 9EJ


Average Lunch Price: £5

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Newly opened Spice ‘N’ Rice, on Long Lane across from Smithfield Market, offers readymade curries, cooked fresh daily and ‘inspired by our mother’s home recipes.’ The curries are prepared with vegetable oil, not Ghee; thus, that bloated feeling so often associated with a visit to the curry house is avoided along with the extra calories and fat.

City workers and locals appear to be taking to Spice ‘N’ Rice’s fast, simple format: grab a box of rice and a container of vegetarian or meat curry and take it to the counter to be bagged for later or microwaved for immediate consumption. Curry options include saag aloo, kidney bean masala, chicken palak and more, as well as a selection of wraps, salads, snacks, sweets, coffees, teas and fresh lasis. These readymade meals might be a good idea for a hassle free take-home dinner too. As most of the business is takeaway, diners with the time should be able to find a seat and enjoy the free WiFi.

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Last Updated 29 May 2007