Whatever Happened To...The Masters of the Universe?

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Whatever Happened To...The Masters of the Universe?

Well, looks like their leader ended up dispensing West Indian cuisine on Seven Sisters Road.

Only three others share this secret. Our friends, The Sorceress, Man-at-Arms and Mr Zek, the accountant a couple of doors down at number 527.

Despite the career shift, He-man's eternal struggle against the evil forces of Skeletor has not abated. Turf wars continue on the streets of South Tottenham. A few roads down, the Trap-jaw mini-mart has been the scene of several violent clashes. And Evil Lyn's Kebab House was raided after The Mighty Battle Cat went missing in '03.

Another one to add to our collection of shops possibly named after movies.

Last Updated 06 May 2007


Ha ha, I can't believe this pic is here! I just cycled past this shop the other day and thought the name is hilarious.

Didn't have my camera with me and it was too dark to be arsed to use the mobile's cam.