What A Load of Ballots

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What A Load of Ballots

This week the whole world outside of London heads to the polling booths to settle crucial issues once and for all.

In France they will set the future direction of Europe. Scotland may move to end the UK - rather rudely just after its 300th birthday, too. Across England, people will stay at home and tut crossly about rubbish collections. In Wales, well, nothing much will happen there.

Like Londonist, others are feeling left out of this election mania. The Bahamas hope to use elections to settle sleaze accusations relating to Anna Nicole Smith. Ireland is at it too – voters there want parties to tackle the length of waiting lists for driving tests.

But London has its own election after all - a special little by-election in Westminster. Dame Shirley Porter's ghost still paces here - last time the Tories polled 400% more votes than anyone else.

But will she be vanquished by the drummer from Blur? Dave Rowntree is standing for Labour and his election address sounds faintly Desperate Housewives: "there are hanging baskets everywhere - but you only need to scratch beneath the surface and see that there's a lot of deprivation and a lot of inequality around".

By Craig Beaumont

Image taken from the Flickr photostream of Brappy!

Last Updated 02 May 2007