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So, Sarko finally beat Sego. As France faces a brave new dawn under Nicolas Sarkozy, our own Premier is also looking to the future as an announcement is expected on Thursday of removal vans heading for No.10.

Tony Blair is always fond of new things, even going so far as to try out a new name for his own political party. Eager not to miss out on this weekend's 'newness' and 'frenchness', he has responded by launching his very own YouTube channel, which he used to congratulate the new French President. To show off a bit, he also recorded a version en francais which should impress the 300,000 Frenchies that swell our capital's population and make us France's seventh largest city.

What next? David Cameron must now raise his game on his WebCameron blog. French is a bit old hat, though - and with French-speakers concentrated in South Kensington, "The 21st arrondisement", he's already got them on side, really. Can we humbly suggest Mandarin classes? Don't expect a Blair message on YouTube wishing Cameron 'bonne chance' in any case.

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Tony's French accent was atroce, however! He gets marks for trying but perhaps for his next holiday he could brush up on his accent in the Midi rather than jetting off to stay chez Cliff again. Far smaller carbon footprint, too.

Also Sarko appears to be one of the few world leaders who still retains some atom of respect for our Vicar; reminding himself of the difference between lu and loup (it's all in the lip action) might lead him to a post-PMship job on the Parisian lecture circuit.