Tiny Town Theft

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Tiny Town Theft

Miniaturised Croydon is in shock today after the theft of its most treasured landmark, a centimetres-high version of the NLA Tower. Police suspect that the diminutive building was pocketed by a sticky-fingered giant from life-sized Croydon, an accusation that has unfortunately seen tensions between the town and its model skyrocket.

Known as "the 50p Tower" because its appearance resembles that of a stack of 50 pence coins, the actual value of the model is probably closer to five or ten quid. Authorities hope that their examination of the CCTV footage will lead to the apprehension of the alleged criminal before he or she is able to target larger locations such as Bekonscot.

Image taken from Adrian Wallett's Flickr photostream.

Last Updated 25 May 2007