The Way I See It Festival

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The Way I See It Festival

Curated by Kevin Quigley, The Way I See It is a new festival of performance and live art which caught our eye as something a little different for the weekend. While the weather remains glum and grey, it's up to us to find the things that will bring a smile back to your faces - so how about this?

The Way I See It is a series of performances and artworks that allow the audience members to be part of what is going on; artist collective Co-Laboratory will present their work My Voice Shall Now Come From The Other Side Of The Room wherein each participant is led into a darkened room, blindfolded with only a set of headphones to guide them through what sounds like an extraordinary experience. Strange Works Collective present their durational performance piece - over several hours, audience members are invited to interact with the performers and the objects in the performance space; everyone is free to enter and leave as they wish. The last night quite literally sounds incredible: D.a.m.ned lies + allthatnoise present a 'chance operation' - 10 musicians are paired off randomly by a member of the audience and each pair will improvise and play together for 15 minutes.

Opening night is tonight with evening events tomorrow and Saturday. All events are held at The Fleapit on Columbia Road, near Old Street station. This is a cafe-bar that hosts art exhibitions, poetry readings, film screenings, a knitting circle and also events like The Way I See It.

It sounds like playtime for grown-ups and if you're willing to bring your ball and play nice, you could be in for a night of pleasant surprises. Nobody, not even the artists and organisers can predict what will come of the performances; if you have always wanted to get up and be part of what you see on stage, if you have always wanted to shape the outcome whatever you are watching - this is your chance. Show everyone the way you see it.

The Way I See It Festival, from tonight until Saturday 19 May at The Fleapit, Columbia Road, nearest station Old Street. Donations on the door £3.00 only; for more information go to the festival website here.

Last Updated 17 May 2007