The Daily Caption

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The Daily Caption

A little porcine fun on Tottenham Court Road, courtesy of Londonist favourite Chutney Bannister. Unleash your captions.

If you've got an unusual image of the capital that you'd like us to consider for this slot, either upload to Flickr and tag it Londonist, or email to londonist - at - gmail - dot - com

Last Updated 15 May 2007


This little piggy went to market, this little piggy went to work at the manicurists...

Lee Thomas

London Butchers adopt LondonLite approach to marketing. "Free pork scratchings, free pork scratchings..."


That's a crap album madam, why don't you go back and exchange it for the new Megadeth?




Jade Goody reduced to giving out free copies of her autobiography.

so young, so pretty

Hey lady, just give me the damn leaflet. I've taken off my pink trotter especially.

Andy F

".....Jade Goody for Mayor?"

Claire Foss

Resident Tottenham Court Road Scientologists try new recruiting tactics...


i once tried to conversate with one of those dressed up people on tittenham court road as i wasn't sure if they were dressed as a frog or a dinosaur.

my failed account is here

i've got quite a collection now:


I CANZ HAZ A CHEEZEBUR... well, I suppose not.

eamon lawless

Spot the difference!!