Straps For Cash

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Straps For Cash

We all wear them. We all need them. We all shop furiously to buy the perfect ones for all imaginable occasions. And now it is even possible to accessorize them. We? Them? What? Well, of course, us women and them bras.

Bras are usually regarded as things that remain hidden beneath clothing – especially when once-lovely white lace has turned into something grey – but no more! Bra accessorizing is here, thanks to 'Glamorous Bra Straps'.

Dao Tran-Boyd’s company Glamorous Bra Straps sells handcrafted straps made from Czech and Chinese glass and crystal beads. They come in different colours and designs. So if you’re tired of your current detachable bra straps, this might be the solution for you – even though a strap made of glass and crystal beads sounds a bit painful.

According to This Is Local London, Glamorous Bra Straps was shortlisted by the Gift Association for its Best Gift of the Year Award – only 18 months after the launch of the company. How, erm, uplifting.

Gift of the Year awards will be held on June 19 in London.

By Katja Nykänen

Image taken from nozomiiqel's Flickr photostream.

Last Updated 14 May 2007