City Vs City Run

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City Vs City Run

After the football, London now takes on Liverpool and Glasgow in June for a City v City 10km race with a distinctly silly videolink set-up.

Our runners will start at 9.30am in Greenwich. The winner crossing the finish line will appear on a big screen in Liverpool, signalling the start of their own 10km course through the Mersey tunnel. Their winner will in turn trigger the start of the Glasgow race, around a loch. The city with the fastest average time wins.

The marketing blurb says: "So, you've a choice to make, will you run to defend your city's reputation or will you leave it in the hands of others?"

It's all so unfair. London has the distinct disadvantage of having to get up an hour earlier than Glasgow on a Sunday morning. As a world city, why aren't we up against New York anyway (time difference notwithstanding)?

Soccer-related revenge against Liverpool is a must. To guarantee the fastest average time, London should only put forward three runners - and all Kenyan Olympic champions. The look on the faces of the Scousers as they wait at the tunnel would be priceless. That'll teach them to sleep in.

Image taken from Dr.DeNo's Flickr photostream.

Last Updated 03 May 2007