Porn For The Blind And Deaf

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Porn For The Blind And Deaf

Speaking of accessibility, one scheme offering a (sadly non-literal) hand to the differently abled is a new porn site for the blind. (Yes, yes, the gags are obvious.) Metro describe how this cavalcade of aural sex can be enjoyed:

The X-rated site features erotic stories read out by scantily-clad women. Users can also listen to graphic descriptions of saucy photos. For those who are not blind but are visually-impaired, a ‘zoom’ button lets them get up close and personal to the images. The site even provides subtitles on adult movies for deaf subscribers.

Gah – where’s their sense of fun? What they need is a little naked chap in the bottom-right corner teaching us how to say ‘fuck me harder’ in sign language.

Last Updated 09 May 2007