Perch On Pink At Wembley Stadium

By Hazel Last edited 140 months ago
Perch On Pink At Wembley Stadium

While Kingston has been preoccupied with what photo display it should have in its new surgical centre, more redecorating has taken place in the capital, this time in Wembley Stadium where the chairs needed some new covers to fit the rest of the colour scheme.

Thousands of seats in the stadium have been replaced because they went a bit pink in the sun, or as the stadium spokesfolks would have it, the seats suffered "photochromic degradation". They had faded from the uniform red to a softer, more pastel shade of pink over six months and were replaced with new, redder and, let's hope, more robust seats.

The stadium's troublesome and troubled builders Multiplex confirmed that they paid for the replacement of "under 10,000" in the 90,000 seat stadium and that the change would not affect any events scheduled to take place. This is despite the fact that they have already replaced the very same seats once before, having ripped out 5,000 last July because of a problem with the red dye. They should have been more careful; this would never have happened if they left the plastic on them. Perhaps a few throws and scatter cushions would have helped avoid this double dose of redecorating.

Good to know they have their priorities in order - get the chairs right in the £800million stadium and the rest will follow, perhaps. Just like politely ignoring your auntie's gaping smashed window while you praise her new curtains, we'll just carry on saying "Well done!" to Multiplex while we ignore the fact two events have already been held in the stadium before it was granted a safety certificate. Lovely chairs, such a nice colour. Nice, comfortable. Really nice. Mmmm.

Last Updated 11 May 2007