Live Dog Eating

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Live Dog Eating

“With any luck, they also eat squirrels and tiny, annoying dogs.”

So said AlyxL, commenting on our earlier post about big cats.

Well AlyxL, if that is your real name, it really doesn’t matter. We have occasionally popular performance artist Mark McGowan to act in that capacity.

The serial stunt-puller ate a corgi live on Resonance FM last night. (By ‘live’, we really hope the Metro is talking in the broadcasting sense.)

McGowan, whose earlier work includes rolling 64km (40miles) head over heels from London to Hertfordshire, said: 'I know some people will find this offensive and tasteless but I am doing this to raise awareness about the RSPCA’s inability to prosecute Prince Philip and his friends for shooting a fox.'

So, he ate the Royal dog of choice. Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth and all that.

We’d like to see him get his chops around this feller.

Note, image does not feature either Mark McGowan or a corgi, but is the closest damn thing we could find on Flickr under Creative Commons. It is, in fact :::Maltesen::: consuming a friend's dog.

Last Updated 30 May 2007