Hot In The Museum

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Hot In The Museum

With the popularity of monthly late night events at Tate Britain and the V&A, is it any wonder that other museums want to get in on the act? The latest addition to the fold is the Museum of London, which will be holding its first late night opening tonight.

They haven't entirely got the hang of it - it'll all be over by 9pm - but the principle of the thing is sound. With the theme Hot In The City, the museum's offering half-hourly guided tours of their Great Fire exhibition - and it doesn't get much hotter in the city than that!

Plus, there's the opportunity to meet London's most famous diarist... (OK, second most famous). Pepys himself will be on the door to greet visitors at the start of the evening, presenting his own history of the Great Fire at 7:30pm.

All this, and a bar with live music from the Keith Waithe World Music Quarter in the foyer!

The Museum of London's Nights at the Museum are on the first Thursday of each month, starting today (3 May). Admission is free. Information about the event is on the museum's website here

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Last Updated 03 May 2007