Go And See This Film

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Last Updated 17 May 2007

Go And See This Film

The blanket of damp that's been thrown over London this week can't stop the senses from believing that another long hot summer is just around the corner. Surely April was just a taster for the main event: sweltering offices, ice creams in parks, long cold drinks on pub pavements and music music music. The tunes will be everywhere in the summer, with festival season sending happy campers back to the capital each weekend and every second head sporting earphones locked into a dizzying selection of stereo sounds. We've got a plethora of guitar haircut boys, trustafarians spitting out rhymes and a wondrous explosion of pop. Will any other city be able to match London's soundtrack this summer?

London has always rocked of course, the place is spilling over with sounds upon sounds. As city dwellers we reap the benefits, but sometimes we might need to remind ourselves of the people who put the building blocks in place. An inspiration for much of the music we'll hear this summer will be Mr. Joe Strummer. If you appreciate context, if you want to know more about one of London's musical saints, if you want to be inspired - go see this film .

But even if you don't give a toss for history, context and all the nonsense written above, go see this film anyway. Because it is an absolute riot of sound, colour and thoughts and it is the best music film you will have seen in a long, long time.

The Future Is Unwritten opens in cinemas across London from tomorrow. The Curzon Soho is also showing director Julian Temples other two music bio pics: The Filth And The Fury and Glastonbury. Enjoy.