Couldn't Escape If We Wanted To: Preview 5

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Couldn't Escape If We Wanted To: Preview 5

It's Eurovision week, and Helsinki is buzzing. These are the first batch of songs automatically into the final, either because the countries came in last year's top 10 or pay for the whole thing (hi UK, France, Spain and Germany!)

  • Bosnia & Herzegovina send a song very like their entry from last year, an ethnic ballad with traditional instrumentation and harmonies. It's pleasant, but that's as far as it goes.
  • dnash.jpg
    Spain send D'NASH, a buff boyband that stick to the boyband rule of having two hawt members. We can't help but picture them. They're singing I Love You, Mi Vida, a straight-forward uptempo, latin pop song. Ireland's act Dervish bring a traditional Irish music tune about how all of Europe is now free and friendly, sung with traditionally Irish lamenting vocals. It's very Irish, take that how you will.The host nation Finland are sending their massively popular winner of Finnish Idols who was once a forklift driver. Hanna Pakarinen will sing Leave Me Alone, a rock anthem about broken love which veers just to the right side of depressing.
  • The Lithuanian entry is a slow, classy jazz tune with Spanish guitar and an affecting lovelorn sentiment.
  • Sarbel, the Greek entrant is actually a London boy. He's singing an uptempo laika-tinged pop song about a fabulous cheeky girl called Maria. It reminds greatly of Helena Paparizou, the singer who won for Greece 2 years ago.
  • Sweden have a jaunty glam-rock song performed by The Ark, one of Sweden's biggest bands, and led by the sexually ambiguous Ola Salo.
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