Clubwatch: Tack! Tack! Tack!

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Clubwatch: Tack! Tack! Tack!
tack tack tack

We first came across Tack! Tack! Tack! a few months ago when we trotted down to The Social to watch some Swedish pop stars sing songs about boys and tight jeans. It was great! So we figured as the night has an event coming up this Thursday, they'd be the ideal clubnight to launch what will hopefully be a regular feature introducing you to some of the best nights in London. Meet co-promoters Nick and Jason.

Why did you set T!T!T! up?

N: T!T!T has been going since September 2005. I’d moved back to London and was a bit frustrated at the way that reasonably popular Swedish bands would be first on at the Barfly playing to only a crowd of 10 people or so. I got in touch with Jason, who I had met two years previously at his night putting on Swedish acts.

J. It’s all Nick’s fault. But like all good ideas it was over beer in the pub (John Snow, Soho on a Wednesday afternoon back in August 2005).

What is it about Swedish music that is so special?

Swedish musicians are fairly DIY, there is a close nit community of musicians in all the major cities, and nationally there are only a few options at each level, so people learn to co-operate and branch out. In the UK, if you are not doing business in London "Who are you?”. In Sweden if you are not exporting: "Vem ar du?". Musically there is a great influence of folk in the indie, and depression in the metal!

Who's the best performer you've ever had down?

By accolades it would have to be Marit Bergman but our favourites have been Tough Alliance and one of the most danced to bands was La Tour (you can find one member behind the counter at Coffee @ Brick Lane).

You used to be at The Social, why the change of venue?

N: It’s just nice to have a change by taking the night somewhere else for a one off. We really like The Social, it’s T!T!T!’s spiritual home and we love the anything goes hedonistic booking policy.

J: We are working with the Swedish Institute to help celebrate the arrival of The Swedish Ship Götheborg which visit London until June 2 at The Docklands, West India Docklands, South Quay, so needed a bigger venue. We expect a full capacity attendance on Thursday.

Tell us one artist who we've probably not heard of that we should check out.

N: Those Dancing Days

J: Familjen

What do you do in the real world?

N: I run a few different online businesses. The most recent is Index7, which acts as a promotional platform for record labels releasing 7” singles.

J: Unlike Nick, I work for the man by day and by night at Connexions with ASBO 13-19 year olds.

What other club nights do you like going to in London?

N: To be honest I haven’t been clubbing much over the last year or so. However, I really appreciate what Young & Lost Club are doing. Likewise, the Transparent nights I’ve been down to at Nambucca have been great fun.

J: I reckon Kennington Rocks down the Doghouse Pub Sunday afternoons is a chipper do.

Tack! Tack! Tack! is on this Thursday at the ICA featuring Shout Out Louds, Maia Hirawasa and Loney, Dear.

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