Burn Baby Burn

By Craigie_B Last edited 143 months ago
Burn Baby Burn

In Deptford last week, an as-yet-unidentified love-smitten individual tiptoed into the street under cover of darkness and carefully assembled a 12 foot long display of affection in cotton wool, spelling out "I love U".

At this point, the sweetness of the gesture evaporated - he or she doused the message in petrol and set it alight. The local fire brigade had to turn out to tackle the blaze, which burnt the road.

Oops. But our interest is now piqued. We want to know whether the target of this love message was impressed? Were they instead sent into a grammatical apoplectic fit by the annoying use of 'U'? Did the smell of burning tar end up stoking the passions of young love? Was the amorous advance cleverly aimed at one of the local firefighters? Had the casanova simply run out of free texts?

We deserve to be told the climax of this local love saga.

U LOVE IT taken from QwirkSilver's Flickr stream

Last Updated 16 May 2007