Blair Legacy - Demolition?

By Craigie_B Last edited 140 months ago
Blair Legacy - Demolition?

Today the spotlight is firmly on Tony Blair. As he heads off into the political sunset, he may consider the high point of his premiership to be the securing of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games for London - and the low point to be the war in Iraq.

So it's fitting that the Olympic Park right this moment looks like a bomb-site. But this is not ordinary rubble, oh no - it is the rubble of Olympic dreams. Authorities complete possession of the whole area in July, so most of the land deals seem to have been struck and sceptical local businesses presumably bought off. About a quarter of the park site has been cleared already, with the remaining 256 buildings being demolished within 9 months. If cranes, collapsing buildings and aerial shots are your thing, check out the official 2012 blog.

All this leaves 4 years to build all the shiny new facilitites and, er, find the athletes that can find the podium. It's beginning to look like we'll be ready for London to get its turn in the spotlight in 2012. And sat in the audience will be one citizen Blair, who will allow himself to feel slightly chuffed in the role he played in all of this, all those years ago.

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Last Updated 10 May 2007