BBC Plots Olympic Power Chune

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BBC Plots Olympic Power Chune

The whole country is still mid-way through the respectable mourning period after our annual Eurovision trouncing. Scooch's camp ditty about aviation unfortunately crashed and burned (boo!), and with no survivors (phew!).

Perhaps the ultimate in cheesy music requires more planning time? Five years out, BBC London is already well-advanced in its contest to pen a new 'anthem' for London's Olympics.

A panel of experts in this type of thing has already picked through the detritus and chosen their favourites - "the Power Five in effect" burbled a BBC spokesperson, stifling a giggle. These five nuggets of genius are right now being put to public vote, although electoral naughtiness make the contest look about as legit as the Scottish elections or a Richard and Judy phone-in. Voting has now been re-started from scratch and the atmosphere is electric.

We listened to the Power Five with high hopes for some good old heart-tweaking olympic inspiration. Here are the results from the Londonist jury:

WINNER: 13-year-old Manny G for opening his chune 'London City' with "Hey Bruv" and crowbarring in a mention about the London Eye.

BEST LYRIC: "Every busker's trying out a new sound; catching pennies on the underground; get around; get around; get around."

MOST-CONTORTED RHYME: "What kind of city is this? Two thousand twelve we've got the olympics."

Listen and vote here. Only once, mind. We are still disturbed by the thought of how badly the other entries must have stank that did not make the dizzy heights of the Power Five. Did Scooch enter?

image taken from lightcap's Flickr stream

Last Updated 19 May 2007