Banksy Doesn't Strike Again

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Banksy Doesn't Strike Again

OK, we put our hands up. We're guilty of talking about Banksy far too much, and even making the occasional factual error about his work.

But here's a mega-blooper from the mainstream press.

See this classic Banksy piece from Rosebery Avenue? It's been there for years. Yet several newspapers are proclaiming 'Banksy Strikes Again', including The Times, Metro and the Daily Mail (who have now pulled the story). They're even getting the location wrong, claiming it's on Exmouth Market - when photos clearly show it's the one one Rosebery.

Sounds like some merry little prankster has been manipulating the press – who are hungry for the slightest scrap about the notorious artist.

Image taken from Peter Gaston's Flickr photostream. Thanks to Tom for the tip-off.

Last Updated 18 May 2007


thank you londonist. that's been my personal rant of the day since reading it in Metro this morning. bloody journos not doign their homework.

PS I'm not even convinced it's a banksy to be honest...


In fairness, it's on Rosebery, but almost exactly opposite Exmouth Market...


but are you sure the arm/girl has been there for ages. my memory of that piece is just of the fake cash machine... though maybe i am wrong. but it has been there for at least two years now, if not much longer!


I've spoken to journo at a wellknown local paper and he says he told them not to run the story, but they did anyway.

My location problem isn't with any minor argument over Rosebury or Exmouth mkt, but saying it was Finsbury, North London.

I am trying to get journos to check their facts with me first, but often they don't really want the facts. they seem to just want one banksy story per week!

The site has actually had 3 incarnations. a small rat first, then the cash machines only (plus di-faced tenners), then the girl and arm added.


Thanks for this note which echoes my thought from this morning after I read the well-documented Metro. As mentioned by eee, this current stencil is not the initial version. It is the thrid stage of a piece of work by Banksy at this specific location next to Exmouth Market. The full story is to be read here (see comment by Shellshock photos)

But if you remain interested in the work by the Street artist, I can only recommend to browse through the FlickR group. There are some very very well documented contributors... But, hey, they are no journos. That could explain ;)


Thank you! I walk past it most days and like the above commenter was ranting at the Metro, but started to doubt myself when every major news site (including the BBC) was running it as a new piece...


Rosebery Avenue is in Finsbury, North London.


This was in the horrible London Lite and London Paper also.


And in today's [Saturday's] Independent


It's clerkenwell, not Finsbury


It is in the old borough of Finsbury, you can find the old town hall just a bit further up the road!