We Want You!

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We Want You!

Call for new writers.

Londonist is a collaborative blog, which means we're always seeking out new additions to our team. Unfortunately we can't pay our contributors because any money we do make from advertising etc generally gets ploughed right back into the site.

However, there are a number of benefits to writing for Londonist, so here are a few of the obvious ones:

  • It's good experience and good exposure. After all, thousands of people will be reading your work every day.
  • You get the chance to write about something you love.
  • We don’t have deadlines, if you can write regularly for us that’s all that matters.
  • Writing for Londonist can lead to other things - new jobs, a book, writing for TimeOut, TV appearances – all have happened to team members recently.
  • Londonist opens doors. Okay, so we're not the BBC but being a part of the online press means press passes and access to possible interviewees.
  • It's a good laugh. We may not be able to pay you but we'll happily buy you a few drinks every now and again (and maybe some crisps if you're lucky).
  • So if all that appeals then here's what you should do about becoming part of the Londonist editorial team.

    Ask Yourself 'What would I like to write about?' If you're a good writer with style and personality, that's what matters; but there are some particular areas we’re not covering right now as well as we think we should be. They are:

    News and current events (can never have enought newsy writers)
  • Restaurant and/or bar reviews.
  • Interviews with interesting Londonders.
  • The arts (theatre, galleries, dance etc)
  • Ask yourself ‘Will I be able to write regularly?’ We’d prefer it if you could write 3-5 times a week (but if you can't do that we’re not going to turn you away!). If you're a good writer who’s going to stick around then it’s quality rather than quantity that we're after.

    Send us an example of your writing style. Either send us something you've written in the past that you think we’ll enjoy, or write an example of what you could write for Londonist (i.e. a couple of posts on your preferred subject matter in a style you're comfortable with). If you have previous blogging experience, just point us to your blog.

    Wait to hear back from us. It may take us up to a week to answer your email, but we promise we will reply and let you know what we think. If we like what we see then we’ll ask you to attend a secret ceremony where we will bathe you in lamb’s milk and have you slaughter a cockerel... Not really, we just sign you up to the MT publishing system and introduce you to the rest of the team - easy.

    So, if all that sounds good, Here's the email address to contact us on.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    The Londonist Team

    Last Updated 28 April 2007