Squatting Cows Enliven Slow News Day

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Squatting Cows Enliven Slow News Day

You know, if all of London’s animals just behaved themselves and acted normally, we don’t think Londonist would have half as many posts as we do.

Today, we heard that a quartet of cows were caught squatting in a Hatch End suburban house.

Four black and white cows escaped from a local farm and made their way down Oxhey Lane on Monday night before deciding the front garden of a house in leafy Heath End Close would be the perfect place for a lie down.

This being summer, the local newspaper was unable to deploy the expected headline “It’s Friesian outside”, instead opting for the more elementary “Cows moo-ve into house”.

All was well again after local police, working with the farmer, repatriated the bovine fugitives, amid chuckles and general gaiety. Safely back home, the wide-eyed beasts can look forward to having bolts driven through their heads before being sliced into wet hunks of beefy flesh.

Last Updated 30 April 2007