Smash it Up

By Talia Last edited 159 months ago
Smash it Up

Has it been a bad day at work? Did a deal fall through? Has your girlfriend gone off with another woman? Is your mother in law pissing you off? Did you just have to have a conversation with Foxtons?

Tonight don't take it out on people you actually like and don't smash up your treasured possessions. Just head along to Electrowerkz in East London and prepare to get your hands on a sledgehammer. Yes, this sounds weird, and to be honest we're not entirely sure what we're encouraging you to go to, but if we could we would be joining you just to see what the hell is going on.

The night is Scrap Club and this is what you should expect:

Uniform in collaboration with New Toy have decided it was high time to create a destruction night....a club with no background music, no foreground music....audience members will be given sledge hammers, baseball bats and various other tools to destroy a variety of worthy objects - tv's, computers, half an aeroplane (yes a real one) a are invited to bring along whatever you want - your own personal hated object.....view the event as you wish - either as a sonic art night or as a way of venting spleen.... opening night is at the Electrowerks venue ...doors open 10pm and action starts at 10:45pm.....there will be a cap on the number of people allowed in and will be 120 people maximum

Let us know what it's like please!

Last Updated 27 April 2007