Photo of the Day

By Hazel Last edited 141 months ago
Photo of the Day

This cheerful coach was spotted making its hot pink statement outside the British Museum this Easter Weekend. We don't know if it refers to the driver, the content of the bus or the quality of the journey it offers.

We don't know if it is a message to the general public conveying what this particular coach company thinks of the people passing by or stuck in traffic next to it.

All we do know is that seeing this made us snicker like schoolkids. How we wish there were more of these coaches passing through London, just to give us the chance to say the following, loudly and gleefully:

"Look at that coach! What a Fucker!"

and then be able to refute accusations of swearing because "it's not swearing if it says it on the side of a bus."

Thanks to P. Tsoi and N. Smith for the photo

Last Updated 11 April 2007