Metronet Turn Metrovet

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Metronet Turn Metrovet

A trackside habitat survey shows that our Tube fauna extends beyond mice and oysters.

The creatures, which also include badgers, great crested newts, and water voles, were found between Uxbridge and Hillingdon stations by Metronet crews...The common lizard, slow worm, stag beetle and grass snake were among those identified.

Another reminder that wildlife can thrive in suburbia. See also herons, parakeets, pumas, terrapins...

The rare and protected great-crested newts were found during Metronet embankment work along the track side. Ken Livingstone yesterday breathed a sigh of relief and began taking down his missing-pet notices.

Part of this image was taken from pindec's Flickr photostream.

Last Updated 10 April 2007