Make Love, Not Art

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Make Love, Not Art

The ever-kooky Tracey Emin wants us all to get amorous in the long grass this summer, inspired by her latest piece. The rather large flag, which is a backdrop of swimming sperm with the words “One Secret Is To Save Everything” written in large red letters, will be on display at Jubilee Gardens until 31 July as the second in a series of artworks commissioned by the Southbank Centre.

Hayward Gallery director Ralph Rugoff praised her "precise sense of paradox and ambiguity in subverting what might be a reassuring formula for happiness."

"We are delighted that Tracey has designed such a thought-provoking flag for Southbank Centre," he added.

Perhaps Londonist is just not artsy or mystical enough to know what the hell the piece or this guy are on about, but are they saying that saving sperm is the key to happiness? The only instance in which it might be prudent to save sperm, in our opinion, is if it is likely to be entered into evidence in a court of law. And if sperm is going to be seeing the inside of a court room, we doubt it will lead to much happiness at all, frankly, for whoever is involved.

At least the artist herself seems pleased with its message. At the flag’s unveiling, Emin looked out over the lawn of the gardens and said: "What I would like is in the summer everyone on this grass making love. That would make me really happy."

We wouldn’t want to let Tracey down, now would we folks? As Marvin Gaye has been commanding since 1973, let’s get it on! Just be sure to apply sunscreen and watch out for thorns.

Photo from ntr23's Flickr stream

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