Is there a (script) Doctor in the house?

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Is there a (script) Doctor in the house?

Saturday saw the return of the (not-quite-as) good Doctor, sticking his nose in more London-set alien shenanigans:


Ahh the good old Good Hope hospital - or is it St Thomas'? We forget. Anyway, before you can say 'Touch Up London':


Off to the moon it goes. Love the shocked throngs of people there. All six of them. There's actually only one actor in that shot. He was then painstakingly reproduced digitally and given a new outfit via CGI each time. All the episode's budget went on that. Cheaper than a six pack of Special Brew as Welsh extras won't play Londoners for anything less. Shame it meant the bad guys had to wear rubber rhino heads.

Still, it'll be great next week when things take a Shakespearian turn:


Ick. At least we got rid of Rose and her annoying family... in exchange for Rose Martha and her annoying family. And be thankful there's no Bad Wolf like crap littering up the background and nerdspace.

We find that repeating "It's only a kid's show" over and over again helps the voice go away. You know, the one that sounds like Tom Baker.

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