Gherkin Tombstone

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Gherkin Tombstone

The Gherkin has a new tenant, but one unlikely to pay exorbitant City prices. The remains of a Roman teenage girl were buried beneath the honking great tower yesterday following a ceremony at nearby St Botolph’s. No one knows who the 1500-year-old intern is, but all agree it’s what she would have wanted.

The bones were found in 1995, after excavation of the IRA-wrecked Baltic Exchange. They’ve been kept at the Museum of London ever since, awaiting some kind of plan.

The museum’s Taryn Nixon told the BBC:

While we will probably never know precisely who this young Roman Londoner was, it is an elegant and fitting reminder of the City’s rich layers of history, for Londoners of today and tomorrow.

Next week, an Iceni flashmob sack PriceWaterhouseCoopers, while a shamanistic cult list themselves on the Alternative Investment Market.

Last Updated 18 April 2007