Get Rid Of Old Stuff, Help Charity

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Get Rid Of Old Stuff, Help Charity

Londonist loves a good recycling story.We found out today that there are apparently 75 million old mobile phones hanging around in the UK. Surely something a bit better than "keep it in a drawer and forget about it" can be done with all those old Nokia 3210s? Apart from using them as impromptu weapons in case of a break in, of course. And think about old computers as well - we're hanging onto our vintage ZX Spectrum, but what about that four-year-old PC which is slower than a District line minute and infected with porn popups innocently acquired viruses?

As it turns out, there is something better we Londoners can do with all our old electronic junk: give it to charity. To celebrate Earth Day (22 April), not-for-profit recycling and refurbishment company Maxitech is offering to collect the aforementioned digital debris, and either give it to the NCH, refurbish it and sell it at a very low price with any profits going to charity, or recycle it in an environmentally friendly fashion. How nice of them.

MD Peter Paduh says: "There are hundreds of thousands of old computers in London homes doing nothing, but just as many people in our local community and across the UK who cannot afford to buy this kind of equipment at full price. We'd like as many people as possible to bring their unwanted IT down to Maxitech so that it can be put to good use."

If you feel like offloading your old kit in an ethical manner, details are as follows:

Time: 21-22 April, between 10am and 6pm

Location: The parking area at Ltd, Unit A10, The Chocolate Factory, 5 Clarendon Road, London N22 6XJ

As an added benefit, Londonist has always been keen on the feng shui theory that every time you acquire something new, you must get rid of something old to make room for it. That works in reverse, right - getting rid of something old means you can justify buying some shiny new toys? Excellent, that's just what we'd hoped.

Photo: Obsolete by What What

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