Frozen Indigo Angel

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Frozen Indigo Angel

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Curiouser and curiouser. The Brooke Shields Alphabet graffiti mystery just deepened.

Producer Paul Denchfield emailed us with this video. The equally improbable concatenation 'Frozen Indigo Angel' has been appearing on BBC productions. Is it some kind of viral marketing trick? Is it related to the Brooke Shields scrawl? What the deuce is going on?

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Last Updated 20 April 2007


This will all end in a dual with the Pope.


How bizarre. This guy's on a mission!


amusing and mad! everything that a friday should be..

those words are also listed on another bbc radio web page, colin murray trax-listing from monday 9th april.. goggle "frozen indigo angel" 2nd>one>down..

reckon someone's on the wind up..


Why are we giving a radio 1 viral campaign space here?

Paul Denchfield

Glenn asked me to post to the Londonist if anything developed, so heres whats going on. This is basically what I've written at, excpet I've had to take the links out for it to post here. Check my blog if you want to follow up:

It feels like I've been typing for the last few days solid. Lots of people have mailed me mentioning another instance of FIA on a BBC webpage:

[link to a Colin Murray tracklisting page]

And its started turning up on other places beyond the reach of the BBC - at least beyond their direct reach:

[hidden in the design of a R1 fansite]

Other odd bits and pieces have cropped up but I get the feeling that a lot of them are hoaxes or just coincidence. Like the Londonist has tied it into graffiti on random street corners which seems a bit far fetched but I'm not ruling anything out right now.

People have also said that I've been sending them mysterious emails, but I honestly havent - they didn't come from my email account, so theyre not from me. If it isn't, it isn't me.

So battling against all this foggy stuff has taken a lot of typing. My girlfriend is also getting quite narked off, but thats another story.

A big problem is that people think I'm part of whatever campaign 'frozen indigo angel' is about. I'm not. I got fired because of it. I don't know what its advertising, if its advertising anything - and its not a great campaign if nobody knows what its selling.

I just want to know what makes it so important that they'd fire me and risk all this bad publicity. If its advertising something, what is it? Did I get fired because I pointed it out too soon? I'm still none the wiser but there at least seems to be a pattern emerging and people are getting interested so maybe the BBC will take notice soon.


i just heard it on radio 1 just now on jo whiley! whats going on O_o i typed the words into the web and got this website...

Paul Denchfield

Sam: You're right, the words were live on air, just after 12pm today - at the end of an Arctic Monkeys song on Jo Whileys show. I also found some unused video footage from when I was at the beeb that I was going to delete, of a Frozen Indigo Angel poster.

Something is definitely going on, and the bbc is still stonewalling me. So I'm going to go and demand some answers from Andy Parfitt, Controller of Radio 1, in person on Monday evening. It's all on my blog at

Pul Denchfield

So much going on... I think I now have a contact inside the BBC who knows what this is all about. Everything's been moving pretty fast, but I've been trying to blog about every step of the way.

I've sorted the videos into chronological order here:

Or just read the blog at Cheers.

Nigel Hill

I spotted Frozen Indigo Angel superimposed onto a monitor in a Scott Mills video blog "Mills Treadmill Trivia and Scott Songs a Granny" 17th April 2007. Wasn't aware of them before, just noticed they were superimposed and googled for them.


If you're wanting to know what's going on, here's some info that might help:

And if you want to help us solve the mystery, come to:

We'll be seeing you there...