Fool's Gold

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Fool's Gold

Anyone get caught out by an April Fool’s gag? London’s local newspapers sure tried their best.

First up, ‘Pervy pigeons pepped up by pills

A plan to give pigeons pills to prevent them breeding backfired when the birds were instead fed an aphrodisiac.

The mix-up happened when ‘bungling contractors, Polo Frail’ confused two pill bottles. At least two readers failed to spot the obvious anagram and blatantly flawed science, and left comments on the site.

Meanwhile, in Sutton, amateur archaeologists make a spectacular find.

The giant lizard - believed to be at least twice the size of a Tyrannosaurus Rex - was discovered by students in Nonsuch Park, Sutton.

They’re calling it Cheamosaurus, after the place it was found. So far, no one has taken the bait.

Finally, we came across the following opener, which seemed certain to be an April Fool’s:

A jobless Tooting man has turned his life around by travelling to the subcontinent to become an Indian Goddess.

Steve Cooper has the power to cure infertility, they say, and is being worshiped by Hindus as ‘a reincarnation of Goddess Bahuchara Mata’. Oddly, the story dates from 31 March, so is either genuine or anachronistic foolery.

For an exhaustive roundup of all yesterday’s media jokes, see Wikipedia.

Last Updated 02 April 2007