Eat Brain At Fleshmob This Saturday

By Hazel Last edited 142 months ago
Eat Brain At Fleshmob This Saturday

Have you recently risen from the dead? Do you like eating brains? Are you wanting to meet other undead people for friendship and perhaps more?

Then Fleshmob this Saturday could be just the thing for you! It's a bit like a flashmob which has so far proved to be an excellent way to get to know people by either bashing them over the head with pillows or dancing to your own private tunes - but this time, it's all about zombies. Lurching. Undead. Green. Drooling. Hungry for brains.

We're not going to give away the exact location or exact time here on Londonist as that would defy the supposed spontaneous and impulsive effect of the event - but as it is always useful to know roughly where you should be and at what time in order to spontaneously and impulsively take part in this thing, we'll tell you this much: the dead will rise near a building of National importance, a great resource for Film, it's near a Theatre and by the Thames (the South Bank). The undead will enjoy a post-prandial walk to settle their lunch of torn human limbs - about 2 hours after the noonday gun.

We strongly recommend checking out the Fleshmob website here, in particular the rules and recommendations for taking part if you're planning on taking part. If you're not able to come but want to still be part of the "zombie social club guided London walk" experience then browse the costume tips and zombie facts and bookmark the forum so you're ready for the next outing.

Fleshmob on Easter weekend: we can't think of a better way to mark the occasion of the world's favourite messiah deciding he'd had enough of being dead in a cave after a really hard time nailed to a cross and thought he'd stretch his legs a bit and take in the sights around town.

Last Updated 05 April 2007