Couldn't Escape If We Wanted To: Nul Points

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Couldn't Escape If We Wanted To: Nul Points

Eurovision has become synonymous with daft songs with ridiculous lyrics and performers. These days the whole shebang is (just a little) more slick and sophisticated, but there are some bonkers entrants. From next Saturday on, we'll be previewing this year's sparkling selection of songs, 2 sets every week until May 10th. But first, what about the songs that didn't make it?

  • Slovenia had the hilariously named Steffy & Donald Trumpet playing a sort-of Eastern European jaunty folk oompah-pah tune with added trumpet.
  • The Lithuanians had 2 particularly wonderful entries: Cockroach Love & Bad Salad Ballad. The former was a pop song, both sad and bouncy, about "looking for love, looking for a person or a cockroach to love". Cockroach in this case is literal: the female singer is simply looking for a "cockroach to love" as "someone to light her up!". Maybe she means glow-worm? Bad Salad Ballad, firstly, is not a ballad. It is, however, about a bad salad. We're treated to a narrative of the band making a salad and everything going wrong. How emo. The lyrics also feature a pig called Peggy and a cow called Katie-Lee. Seriously.
  • Look at this Latvian woman singing Dun dun dari run dun dari repeatedly. They're the only lyrics.
  • Romania had a heartfelt country + western ballad dedicated to a traffic warden!
  • One of the highlights of Portugal's selection was the jaunty song "Ai Pode" (iPod) with its refrain of "Ai Pode, Ai Tunes".
  • Brilliant. Now, onto the really good stuff...

    Last Updated 14 April 2007