Couldn't Escape If We Wanted To: Preview 3

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Couldn't Escape If We Wanted To: Preview 3

Eurovision, Eurovision, Eurovision! Only two more weeks to go, and we're already in a frenzy. Here are the next 7 songs for this year.

  • Serbia's Marija is eye catching as she looks somewhat K D Lang. Her song Molitva translates as Prayer and is a big, big ballad with ethnic drums and flutes. We see this one doing very well.
  • The debut performers from the Czech Republic are growling, hoary rockers performing a fairly standard rock number.
  • Portugal's latino dancing song is nowhere near as good as Norway's, which is odd, you'd think.
  • karolina.gif
    Macedonia's Karolina (that's her there in Eurovision 2002) brings us the best instance of "ni-ninny-na-ni-na-na-na-ninny-ni-na" nonsense lyrics this year with her classily performed sort-of nationalistic pop song. Norway send a fun Latin- flavoured dancing song Ven a Bailar Conmigo sung by a woman who's not Spanish and old enough to know better but seems to be having the time of her life, especially during her fabulous eye-catching costume change. Malta throw the kitchen sink into their entry, Vertigo. It has a big Mediterranean ethno-pop sound, evoking Greek, Spanish and Turkish music. Performer Olivia Lewis is a trooper, and vocally powerful and the song's swooshing sound makes this one of our favourites for this year. Malta would love to win, let's hope they have the chance. Andorra's
    entry are Busted-meets-Blink182 boys Anonymous, and they are some guys singing about saving the world in Catalan. It's a fresh, interesting approach from a country that usually are ignored at Eurovision.

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