Couldn't Escape If We Wanted To: Preview 1

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Couldn't Escape If We Wanted To: Preview 1

Eurovision 2007 is on. Here's the first of Londonist's previews of this year's entries, and there's already some amazing songs.

  • Bulgaria send an ethnic rave song with vocals that are mere sound effects built into the heavily drummed mix. It's quite amazing.
  • sopho.jpg
    Israel's controversial entry sounds like 5 songs in one. Sounding like a bargain bin Gogol Bordello, Push The Button by Teapacks mixes rap, rock, drum and bass, jaunty pop, klezmer with social messages about nuclear annihilation.The entry form Cyprus is sung by Evridiki who's been taking lessons from Madonna and Anna Vissi. Comme Ci, Comme Ca is a electropop song with vocals in French and full of synths and electric guitar. Has a false-ending middle eight, and should be performed well.
  • The Belarus entry is a Bond theme tune that never was. Fantastic strings and chorus make this a catchy number, and one that should be in with a good chance.
  • Iceland's performer is Eurovision veteran who sings a melodramatic rock ballad called Valentine Lost. The fans will love him, but will all that melodrama be too much for him?
  • Debut nation Georgia send a performer called Sopho (pictured) with a song Bjork would be proud of. Visionary Dream mixes an ethnic tune with thumping dance beats, and floaty string sections all accompanied by shrieky Kate Bush vocals. In the national final, she performed the song wearing a massive floating blob pink dress. Amazing.
  • Montenegro send a dull, uninspired electric rock song with very little to redeem it.
  • More to come on Wednesday...

    Last Updated 21 April 2007