All The Kids Are Doing It

By Amity Last edited 141 months ago
All The Kids Are Doing It

Tony Blair has obviously been listening to a lot of Huey Lewis lately — he thinks it’s hip to be square. And what is more squareishly hip than to broadcast your political party on YouTube in the hopes of attracting the Cool Kids?

In the 58 second clip, Blair explains that Labour’s goal in broadcasting on their new YouTube channel, Labourvision, is "to enable you to hear unmediated, fresh, first-hand, what it is we are about.”

Oh, to be a fly on the wall of that brainstorming session. Our bet is that this idea was cooked up on a dress-down Friday when Cherie had brought in a lemon drizzle cake and Labour Party gophers were allowed to listen to music at their cubes. We daresay there were even feet up on desks and a bit of jovial laughter. Someone surfed the internet, stumbled across a YouTube link emailed by a friend and voila! Labourvision was born.

This, in addition to the Labour Party podcasts and other digital-age gizmos, is sure to do for the concept of ‘reaching out’ to children what Michael Jackson and Gary Glitter did for ‘touching’ them. It’s all about being hands-on. Kudos to them for trying, we wish them every success with getting more hits than these guys.

In the meantime, this Blair-inspired YouTube video is much more informative and entertaining

Last Updated 11 April 2007