75,000 Cups of Tea in Trafalgar Square: Help Wanted!

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75,000 Cups of Tea in Trafalgar Square: Help Wanted!

Genius: Human Footprint is a new TV programme we've heard about, due to be broadcast on Channel 4 next Thursday, 26 April at 9pm.

Throughout our lives, we will meet hundreds of people, eat tonnes of food, spend money on a vast array of material goods, and create mountains of waste. But have you ever thought about what this all amounts to for one individual and what their human footprint is on the planet? This unique film reveals all in a series of remarkable stunts.

And these remarkable stunts need your help.

There is nothing nicer than sitting down to have a good read of Londonist with a cup of tea. Having a cup of tea while doing anything seems to help and on average we will drink 75,000 cups of the beverage in our lifetime.

In order to visualise what a lifetime of tea looks like, the production team behind the film want to lay out 75,000 cups of tea in Trafalgar Square. That's a lot of cups. A lot of hot water. And a lot of assistance from willing volunteers who can commit to a very large scale teabreak.

If you secretly understand the zeal and commitment to a cup of tea that Mrs Doyle feels in Father Ted, or you're an insomniac who wants to do something useful with your sleepless hours next Tuesday, then get in touch with the film's production team. 150 volunteers are needed for two sessions in Trafalgar Square on the night of Tuesday 24 April; cups of tea will need to be laid out from 10.00pm until 6.00am the following morning. Yes, that's cups of tea, in Trafalgar Square, laying out for the film-makers from bedtime to the crack of dawn, oddly fitting times to be faced with lots and lots of cups of tea. The second session for volunteers is from 8.00am to 3.00pm on Wednesday 25 April to wash and pack the mugs.

If you can commit to the date and times of these sessions - and only volunteer if you are absolutely sure you can lay out and wash up these cups of tea over night and the next day - contact Emily at Touch Productions on emily@touchproductions.co.uk or 01225 484 666 to put your name on the list. We can't wait to see the results on Channel 4 next Thursday. Which we will no doubt view with a cup of tea.

Genius: Human Footprint, 9.00pm on Thursday 26 April, Channel 4. Image shows 15,951 pints of milk, another stunt for the film which shows the average amount of milk consumed in one lifetime.

Last Updated 18 April 2007