You're Rich!

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You're Rich!


The Guardian has explained that Pricewaterhouse Coopers has explained that London has the highest incomes of any city outside the United States. The 11 cities with the highest average income in the world are all American with London coming in at number 12.

In fact, the income generated by London is equivalent to the Gross Domestic Product of Sweden or Switzerland.

London has an average GDP per capita of £27,600. When you crunch all the numbers, that puts London in sixth place in the world in terms of the total size of its GDP, with Tokyo at number one, followed by New York, and L.A., with Chicago, and Paris just about tied for fourth place, which might even mean that one could say London is in fifth place really. It can get complicated, but all you need to know really is that if you live in the London, you are tremendously wealthy.

According to another Guardian report in December, the average UK resident has about £64,000 in assets, ranking number three behind Japan and the US.

As of last year, the richest man in the UK was steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal with a worth of £14.8 billion.

The poorest man in the UK is a guy named Bob who lives in a skip at the end of our street. Not only does he have £4,000 in credit card debt, but he has been required by a court order to make restitution for all the sins his ancestors have committed over the past 5000 years. Gloomy fellow, Bob.

We are very glad that London is so wealthy. At long last all our problems are solved. It took a while. But it was worth it. Nothing to do now but sit back, smoke a cigar, and enjoy.

Last Updated 07 March 2007