When Bad Puns Imitate Life

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When Bad Puns Imitate Life

Londonist aged 8: What place has the most dogs?

Exasperated parent: I don't know, what place has the most dogs?

Londonist aged 8: Barking!

Hilarious. And, strangely, true.

Barking and Dagenham Council had 8,579 dog owners for 75,108 households, giving it an average of 11.42% ownership.

The highest in the land, apparently. Is it a case of nominative determinism or pure coincidence?

Dunno, but surveys now need to be done in other parts of London to check for similar connections. What is the cat population of Catford? Is there a greater concentration of female siblings in Seven Sisters? And who dares carry out such a poll in Cockfosters?

Image taken from ndgcatlady's Flickr photostream.

Last Updated 30 March 2007