What do 95% of us have in common?

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What do 95% of us have in common?

Elaine Gennard-Levy spent 20 minutes searching for a bathroom while shopping on London's Oxford Street. She decided it would be easier to build her own.

Well we can think of simpler ways to relieve ourselves, but they don't payoff in people giving us a fiver for the privilege. This is the story of the luxury loo on Oxford St that we mentioned back in December. Now Boing Boing and DIGG have picked up the story via this Bloomberg piece which also throws up some interesting facts and highlights yet another Olympic shortfall:

In Beijing, where the average salary is a 10th of London's, there are 7,700 toilets, or one for every 1,948 people. China's capital plans to renovate 3,700 in time for the 2008 Olympics. London, which will host the 2012 games and has one toilet per 18,000 residents, has no such plans.

If only 'holding it in' was a recognised sport we'd sure be golden.

This is our favourite bit:

Research by ENCAMS, an environmental charity, showed 95 percent of Britons had urinated, vomited or defecated in public because no toilet was available.

You see now why we ask so many people if they've ever been sick on the tube?

Last Updated 05 March 2007