Track The Plaque

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Track The Plaque

Part 3

Oops. Looks like someone did a bad. Can anyone work out which university building required this permanent apology?

Last Updated 04 March 2007

canned ass

SOAS. The Brunei Gallery building, I believe.

Richard Carter

There was a piece about this plaque in the London Review of Books last year.

I'm not prepared to login, so trying to circumvent your comments link censorware (join the lines together)...


Yup, that's the one.
I'll find something less Googleable next week!


Ironic, given that I'm still waiting for the apologies for the SOAS Library/Institute of Education Buildings, both by Denis Lasdun, and both waaaay less pleasing to the eye.

And my hatred for them is furthered by the fact the Lifts in the SOAS library building keep breaking down.


And the heating on the fourth floor is insanely hyperactive. The air con did the same thing in the summer. I swear they're trying to kill me.