The Book Grocer

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The Book Grocer

Just out the Van: Penned in the Margins is an evening of "music-cum-literary delights" this Thursday, featuring spoken word artist Ventriloquist, Bristol-based SJ Esau, Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip and Tim Wells. Spitz, 109 Commercial Street, E1 6BG, 020 7392 9032.

In Next Week: Tarquin Hall (Salaam Brick Lane), Melanie McGrath (Silvertown), and Will Self (The Book of Dave) discuss the wealth of stories to be found in London’s East End, especially, in our experience, on the Number 8 Night Bus at 4am on a Sunday morning. A PEN event next Wednesday at the Guardian Newsroom, 60 Farringdon Road, London EC1R 3GA. Tickets 020 7713 0023 (include a free glass of plonk).

Try a Bit of This: King & King: "A queen wants her son to get married and become king. She arranges for a string of princesses to meet her son but he does not fall in love with any of them. In the end it is one of the princesses' brothers who catches his eye. The princes get married and become two kings.” A book of fairy stories cause controversy this week because they raise gay issues among primary school pupils.

Two for a Pound:

1. What makes a modern classic?

2. The Newpaper, a new art publication, launches next week.

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